Sunday, 6 February
Off-site reading for AWP (Associated Writing Programs Conference)

   The Writer's Center,
   4508 Walsh Street,
   Bethesda, MD

Featured Contributors: Dilruba Ahmed, Sachin B. Patel, Ravi Shankar
Featured Poet/Editor: Pireeni Sundaralingam

Hosted by The Writer's Center
Free admission
Thursday, 3 February
AWP (Associated Writing Programs Conference)

Curating Literature: Five Editors of Literary Anthologies Discuss their Process
   Virginia A Room,
   Marriot Wardman Park,
   Washington, DC

Including editor Pireeni Sundaralingam & contributor/WWNorton editor, Ravi Shankar

An AWP event
Saturday, 22 January
"When the Mango Hits the Fan: Battle of the Asian Poets"

   National Center for the Preservation of Democracy,
   Japanese American National Museum,
   369 East 1st Street
   Los Angeles, CA 90012

A team of INDIVISIBLE contributors duke it out line break by line break against an eminent team of East Asian American poets (Sesshu Foster, Viet Le, Karen Anhwei Lee & Amy Uyematsu)
Anthology Poets: Vandana Khann, Bhargavi Mandava, Amar Ravva & Pireeni Sundaralingam.

Hosted by Japanese American National Museum
Friday, 21 January
Beyond Baroque

   681 Venice Boulevard
   Venice, CA 90291

Featured Contributors: Amar Ravva, Bhargavi Mandava & Vandana Khanna
Featured Editors: Pireeni Sundaralingam.

Hosted by Beyond Baroque